What we Do

Global Talent Bay - Solutions for Dreams and Reality, is a value add solution that strikes the needs of our client to recognise, rope-in, involve and cultivate the very cream executive talent within their management teams. In case that C-Level executives have highlighted talent wants as one of maximum risks to the success of their business, we believe the Global Talent Bay gives you the traditional “headhunting” at the same time concentrate using the very sheer sourcing and technical knowledge to make the most of results.

Latest sourcing and social technology for all intents and purposes are in motion to develop the challenge of classical Executive Search and means it’s no longer the “little black book procedure”. to a certain extent moving to the same candidates in a network, we thrust our net deep globally and crossways related sectors to locate the actual best influence what it takes in the international covered market.

At any moment a applicant is buzzed, the level of concern displayed reflects on Global Talent Bay but also the end client. With this is behaviour, we posses establishing our own exclusive candidate care attitude that focuses on how we indulge precisely with all applicants on our objective calendar. Our rendezvous manner details how to inspire, communicate, recognise and concern for the applicant rightly.

Our Global Talent unit, deeply trust in having faith in forecast for candidate’s future job play. We get into gear that by collecting response about applicant history presentation from managers, peers and direct reports, enables us to forecast upcoming achievement aspects. This practice is accepted by applicants and allows arbitrators to impart authentic and unidentified response.

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